Dizzy Dreadnoughts

“Dizzy Dreadnoughts” was my submission to the 2 Button Jam. The core requirement of this jam was that the game must only accept two inputs. You can check out the game with the link below, or read on for some more info on how it was made!

Like my last game jam I used Unreal Engine 4 to make Dizzy Dreadnoughts. All pixel art animations were created in Aseprite and imported to UE4, where I sliced them in into Paper2D sprites and set those up in Flipbook. To create the grid of tiles I simply aligned flipbook actors with the appropriate sprites in a grid formation. Every sprite was 32x32 to ensure proper pixel density and to allow for the tight control scheme.

The music was originally created Joshua McLean (who was running the jam) and was available to all participants. I used one of his songs as-is and remixed the other two with Audacity to make my gameplay loop music. All other sound effects were genrated using BFXR.

I learned a ton about pixel art animation and making 2D games in Unreal Engine. Please check out the game above and some screenshots below!