intfic is a framework that allows you to write a branching story with minimal code. It was made using pure Rust and uses a custom Story File Markup specification.

This was my first public Rust crate, and the first open-source project I’ve released in general! It came after months of learning Rust online with the official book.

To test my skills after completing the book, I set out to create a short narrative game where the player would run away from home and explore a mysterious land. Naturally I began to find building the tools to make the game much more interesting than writing the story itself, and intfic was the result! If I ever do get around to writing that story I can do it all with the Story File Markup system, including setting environment variables, having conditional text and options, and linking different files together from anywhere in the story.

This project was a great introduction to Rust’s command line and parsing tools, and after everything I can safely say I’m a huge fan of the language. Look forward to many more Rust projects here in the future!