Crypt Raider Level

This project is following up on the previous: Unreal Engine 5 - Rocky Forest Environment. While designing that level I was focusing on tooling for landscape and foilage design. In contract, this project was to design an almost entirely indoors and man-made location.

This level was created while following the course Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer. I used a modular dungeon asset pack to build out the dungeon and crypt, and used a collection of boulder models to construct the cave interior. The level has interactable game elements in the form of objects you can pick up and move around. These grabbable objects are used in two puzzles: unlocking the secret spiral stair entrance to the cave, and leaving the cave crypt with the Holy Grail without triggering a trap!

I’m still finishing up the above course, and will likely have more UE5 projects to post here. Stay tuned!