Vectra City / Video Vortex

Vectra City is a class based deck-building game for two players. It’s set in a neo-noir world where the shattered sun is perpetually setting on the horizon, constantly shifting colors.

I was a co-founder of the game along with Mitch Ryckman. Mitch was the head designer of game mechanics and balance, while I provided game design ideas and all the graphic design work needed to attract publishers.

In August 2018 we took our work to GenCon, with playtesting sessions and a publisher “speed-dating” event lined up. In preparation for this we commissioned an original piece by the extremely talented Ed Mattinian, which I used in our sell sheet and several other promotional materials.

Here’s some of my graphic design work for Vectra City:

Note that the character art in these is all placeholder,
except for our commissioned piece

GenCon was a massive success! We got tons of helpful info from playtesters, but more importantly we struck a very generous publishing deal with Mondo Games. The game was released as Video Vortex in Q1 2020! Official bgg page here