Hey, I suppose this site counts as a project! It’s had a few iterations before what you see now.

The first version was entirely hand-crafted HTML and CSS, both of which I was pretty new to. I was taking a couple classes on the subject and used this site mainly to test what I was learning. Features included an overcomplicated php blog, a very simple html5 canvas game, and dancing ascii kirby!

Probably the coolest part of this site was that it had a rotating background image. I wrote a python script to change the image at midnight, and then called that python script as a server job. There were even special backgrounds for holidays! I didn’t own these images of course, and maintaining my own html/css for every page quickly became too much work for me to update it frequently. After a few years I refreshed it:

This version was built with jekyll and hosted on github pages. Discovering the world of static website building was amazing, and I didn’t even have to pay for hosting now. I grabbed a pretty theme, modified it just enough, and posted my new homepage. This time around I focused on linking music, videos, and websites I enjoyed. The only updating I did was changing the video occasionally.

This brings us to the current version. My motivation this time was to learn hugo and construct a portfolio. I’ve much to do still, but it’s enjoyable work. I hope you like how things have turned out whenever you read this!