Lan War 34

Twice a year, the IU Gaming club holds a Lan War. The past few times, my department has sponsored the event by providing technical assistance, 3D-printed trophies for the tournaments, and by being in charge of the lounge near the main hall.

Our goal with the lounge is to provide a space where gamers tired of sitting at their own machine in the crowded main hall can come to relax, or try some novel play experience. This latest lan war I think we achieved this exceedingly well. The theme was an arcade from the 80’s, complete with classic games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Joust, a modern version of PacMan, and a newer arcade fps called Devil Daggers.

The other main experience involved two immersive driving simulator setups, with triple curved monitors around the user and a steering wheel/pedal combination to control. The game of choice for this experience was WreckFest, a racing game featuring cockpit-view and realistic car damage.

We also sponsored a Hearthstone Fireside gathering for the second time, allowing any nearby players to try a new gamemode and unlock the warlock hero Nemsy Necrofizzle. Additionally, Mitch and I had a playtest of Vectra City set up, which you can read more about here

To top it all off, one of my coworkers edited together 80’s movies with iconic 80’s commercials and music videos between them. The STC Arcade was a huge success, with people coming all night to check out the games, try for a high-score, or relax and watch a classic movie. Below are some pictures from the event space, as well as some graphics I designed to advertise it.